From Shame to Strength: Reclaim Your Power

This workshop will teach you the difference between Shame and Toxic Shame- from it's impact, finding it's source, and ways to heal from it.
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The Toxic Shame Workshop is an intensive, immersive, interactive course that is a four‐hour long class, conducted once per week, spanning a total of six weeks. We teach you about the devastating impact that toxic shame has on you and your loved ones. We then utilize innovative, validated, personalized techniques to identify the source of your toxic shame and teach you ways to heal from it and live your best and fullest life!
Please join us as we take this transformational journey! Learn how to be your authentic self, love others, and live the life of your dreams, freeing you from the bondage of Toxic Shame, once and for all!

The SHAME workshop is a group counseling session designed to help participants understand and heal from the effects of shame. The workshop aims to provide a supportive and safe environment where participants can explore their feelings and experiences related to shame.

During the SHAME workshop, you will learn about the different types of shame, how shame affects your mental health, and how to heal from shame. You will also learn healthy coping mechanisms for managing shame and tools for building resilience.

Yes, the SHAME workshop can be beneficial for individuals who have experienced trauma. Shame is often a common emotion experienced by those who have gone through traumatic events, and the SHAME workshop can provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to work through their shame in a healing way.

Yes, the SHAME workshop is designed to be a safe and confidential space where participants can share their experiences without fear of judgment or repercussions. The facilitators will provide guidelines for maintaining confidentiality and creating a safe environment.

The SHAME workshop lasts for six weeks. A four hour long class is conducted once per week.

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Join us for an immersive workshop on Shame and how to heal from it. Our experienced counselors will guide you through a series of exercises designed to help you understand the root causes of your shame and give you practical tools to overcome it.