From Isolation to Connection: Restore Love Together

The ABC's of Relationships workshop will teach you what attunement is and how to utilize it to restore a loving and supportive relationship with your partner. (Includes a total of 16 hours of therapy.)
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Discover essential skills to build and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships. Many of us struggle with relationships, but investing time to learn effective communication and emotional intelligence can transform your connections. Enhance your ability to understand, support, and grow with your partner. Don't miss this opportunity to improve the most important aspect of your life!

Please join us as we take this transformational journey! Learn how to be your authentic self, love others, and live the life of your dreams with your partner!

The ABC workshop is a group counseling session designed to help participants and their partners learn attunement with each other. The workshop aims to provide a supportive and safe environment where participants can explore their feelings and experiences.

During the ABC workshop, you will both learn how to better understand yourselves through emotional intelligence and the importance of attachment and attunement. We will also cover communication and conflict resolution and building resilience through stress management and rekindling romance.

Yes, the ABC workshop can be beneficial for individuals who have experienced trauma. Relationships are often impacted by traumatic events, and the ABC workshop can provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to work through their experiences in a healing way.

Yes, the ABC workshop is designed to be a safe and confidential space where participants can share their experiences without fear of judgment or repercussions. The facilitators will provide guidelines for maintaining confidentiality and creating a safe environment.

The ABC workshop lasts for four weeks. A four hour long class is conducted once per week for a total of 16 hours of group therapy.

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